Thank you for your interest in participating in GOSSIP! Events.We will personally view your store/blog before adding you to the event. If we do not accept your application please do not be offended, you are welcome to reapply at a later stage.

It's mandatory to read the rules before applying.

Incomplete applications will be dismissed.

We have included standard designers rules, as well as individual rules that apply to bloggers,event designers and hunt designers.
We also have info on fee's below.

We reserve the right to change or modify Gossip! Events rules at any time.

Updated: 24 January 2019


  •  Welcome packs are sent out by karma Maesar. Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to process your store's application.
  • We don't accept children/teen stores or all
  • Stores are to have at least 15 different items 
  • Stores must have current items, as in mesh items /clothing and mesh body appliers (skins,tattoo,make up). stores with older system items ONLY (old clothing layers,prim/scultpy) will not be accepted.  If you use templates you are to follow TOS of the creator. 
  • No  Business in a box (BIAB) , No affiliated  only stores, No breedables, freebies  or re-sellers
  • No clubs,carts or malls.must be a store
  • No use of branded logo's and copyright material will be accepted. 
  • No use of hateful images,symbols or languages that targets individuals or groups of people will be accepted.
  • Only one location per brand is allowed.If you have 2 different brands selling different things that's fine. However, they must have their own separate building (not both in one building or open connected buildings) and you will still need to submit applications and separate SLURLS for them.
  • You must be able to understand and read/write English, or use a translator/English speaking friend in order to communicate effectively. List your friend as manager so know who we can contact to help.
  • You must place event sign in your store upon acceptance and receiving of welcome pack. This is vital for communication.
  • You must agree to sell items within the sale price limit and within theme when specified.
  • Mail servers will be used to send out event related items and information. You will only receive them if your event sign is rezzed. 
  • You must use provided event mailbox  or online forms where applicable. Do not send to staff unless we instruct you to do so. WE WILL IGNORE UNINVITED  NOTE-CARDS,we are not responsible for tracking your items sent to staff.
  • Follow the time-line provided for each event, failure to do so will see you skipped or removed from the event.
  • Do not advertise in group chat. At all. Chat is for general public seeking help etc. You will be given one warning, followed by ejection from the group if you ignore this rule. Fees will not be refunded.
  • Follow general requirements and event themes stated on applications and information cards.
  • Due to ignorance int he past, designers no longer have group notice rights.
  • Only designers of high quality content  will be accepted into Gossip! Events. If you use templates/pre made mesh, you must follow creator TOS.
  • You must follow the content restrictions allocated for each event. These may vary time to time. e.g theme, maturity level and pricing.
  •  We have a Gossip Events Designer only subscriber if you wish to receive regular news related to our events.
  •  You MUST be able to provide a male AND/OR female item OR unisex item when required. Do not apply if you cannot do as such.


  • Multi -Vendors  - Unless you sell textures, animations,gestures OR have ONE single item with more than one colour/texture per vendor, you will not be accepted. ( Building and furniture stores who have items in a vendor with a rez option are fine). Your store must provide the minimum 15 different items. Simply, if you are say a fashion store and  have all your store items mixed into in one or two vendors you will not be accepted into our hunts. 
  • Pay fee's where applicable and in accordance to the timeline to Aishaa Peretz.
  • Create the MINIMUM of exclusive items required (when specified). By exclusive, we mean only created for and/or sold at the event, for the duration of the event. You can sell this item in your store after the event is over.
  • While not mandatory for hunts,We highly recommend you join the Gossip Event group or subscriber and remain for the duration of the event. 
  • You must have a direct landmark or landing spot within 50m to the front of your store for hunts.
  •  No mall locations unless landing puts us directly at your store
  • Decoy hunt items are no longer allowed or provided.
  • Hunt Hints as well as hunt prize location SLURLS are mandatory.
  • When submitting gift pictures keep them classy. NO NUDITY. Tasteful nudity that covers nipples and genitalia is fine. NO EXPLICIT LANGUAGE is to be seen on the images. They will not be added to the blog,(if they are do not whinge to staff that your picture has been altered or ignored to suit the blog restrictions).
  • In-world hint givers should  be used for hunts. This can be the hint giver provided by us for each hunt or a multi hunt hinter.
  • If you have a large store, a hunt path is to be used to help point hunters in the right direction. Especially if you hide your prize more than 80m from landing point.
  • Send your prizes , correctly labelled, privately to bloggers listed in your designer packs if you wish them to be blogged.


  • For events, store owner or representative will need to join the Gossip Events group and activate the event Designer tag to rez. This is mandatory.
  • You must place the event poster at your store once accepted until the end of the event.
  • Create the  MINIMUM of exclusive items required (when specified). By exclusive, we mean only created for and/or sold at the event, for the duration of the event. You can sell this item in your store after the event is over. We will not accept exclusives made in past gossip or other events as a exclusive. 
  •  Must provide a $0 - 10L gift at the event (if mandatory). This does not have to be a exclusive
  • Unless stated as a discounted event, Designers may price their items as they please.
  • Despite the rating of the event sim, No pornographic material please. Tasteful nudity that covers nipples and genitalia is fine. Let's keeps this event respectable. 
  • Pay fee's where applicable and in accordance to the timeline. Payment are to be made to Aishaa Peretz only, accompanied by the provided payment receipt that included your store's full perm logo for promotional use.
  • You will be added to the mail system for the event you are in once you rezz the event poster This is how we maintain most our contact with you.
  • Keep items in your stall space. 
  • The only scripts allowed are landmark givers,gacha  and vendors in order to keep lag down. Any items with floating text will be returned.
  • Multi -Vendors  - Unless you sell textures, animations,gestures you are not to place click through vendors at the event. Simply put, if you are say a fashion store and  have all your store items mixed into in one or two vendors it will be returned. This is your chance to show case your products.
  • You can decorate your stall as you like,just keep within your prim limit and stall boundaries. 
  •  Items that go outside your stall boundaries, or that go against TOS will be returned. 
  • If you are not ready on time for event start and have not been in contact with karma Maesar to discuss, you will be removed from the event,no fee's returned.
  • Designers who are behind schedule and have discussed with karma Maesar for extra time will be given 12 hours to be ready after event start before their stall is closed,unless otherwise arranged.
  • A blogger room is provided with one item box for you to place your exclusives into. We do not allow designers to send items through group as it is shared with the general public.

Designers are allowed ONE gacha in their stalls. This can not be your exclusive item. This will count toward your prim limit


Do not pay fee's until we have confirmed your acceptance.
• Fee's are payable to AISHAA PERETZ ONLY. Not other staff, not mailbox. You must include payment information and your logo on the provided receipt note card.
• When specified, a payment room will be available with rent boxes to pay fee's.
•Fee's will not be refunded,unless for some reason, the event is cancelled.

Event sponsors are merchants who wish to become a sponsor for events such as fairs/sale events .


• Receive prime locations.
• Have their logo placed on a billboard ( when specified)  at the event.
• Will have their logo with a direct link to their main store placed on the blog.
• Have their store name placed on the event sign.
• If sponsor spots are full at the time of your application we will offer you a standard stall.


When a hunt is accepting sponsor application, sponsor merchants;

• Will be required to pay a fee as specified on each application.

• Will be given the first allocated of sponsor number spots on a hunt (first come first serves basis).
• Your logo and direct link to you store placed on the Gossip! blog.
• Need follow designer rules  for the duration of the hunt (Listed above).



* As a blogger/promoter we ask that you send a notice to the Gossip Group that includes a link to your blog/FLICKR group when you feature a item from our events.

* Bloggers names and links will be provided in each event pack sent to merchants. It is the merchants decision to send a bloggers items or not.

* For sale events, a blogger room will be provided.
* For hunts, designers will send items to you privately.

•You must be able to understand and speak English, or use a translator in order to communicate effectively.

• All notices sent in group are to be written in English.
You must have at least 3 months of activity in order to be accepted.
• Photo's must be of high quality with event & designer information included.
• Flickr only users must include store and event credits (including SLURLS) in your picture description.
• You need to have an open space to receive the group invitation.
• You need to actively blog a minimum three times a month to be accepted.
• You must send the blog/Flickr link with your notices in group, and link your blog with our blog.
• You must blog and feature a minimum two designers from every  event. (Exception applies to gender specific events.Example: A "male items" only blogger is not expected to blog for female only event).
• Promotional material such as Gossip sign and note card template for blog notices will be provided.
* You must send a profile/blog logo picture through as directed in your welcome pack to be placed in our office and on our blog.

 If we do not see any promotion featuring our events for more than three events, you will be removed as a Gossip blogger. Inactivity for more than TWO months will result in removal. (unless RL is happening and you are unable to, in which please let karma Maesar know)

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