4 Seasons Hunt Hints

1 Loordes of London  - skip not ready
By the bargains

2 [trs]
Summer nights are for stargazing

3 Sin Original
You're looking mighty fine Giselle!

4 {.Gross Princess.}
Bikini babe!

5 The Happy Hat
The HUNT HINT will provide the place where this fruit will hide.

6 Lunar Seasonal Designs
Got Ya!

7 Puppet Master Poses (adult sim)
You'll be in some serious heat if you can't find me!

8 Waffles (adult sim)
 Female - Ready for Summer and playing in the sand. I'm just a kid at heart building sandcastles for fun.

Male - is the heat in here because its summer or is that radiator on?

9 Nefeli's Gestures
Summer Music

10 LOMO by [ IBAN ]
Marvelous day


1 FlyingArts
I'm just a little thirsty

2 Timeless Textures
This is HALLOWEEN, everybody make a scene...

3 Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
In CASEY you were wondering, my theme is Autumn!

4 Avelyn's Creations  - skip not ready
Such pretty sparkles all around, like fallen stars upon the ground. A peaceful place that's full of love. You'll find me here perched high above!

The bunnies seem to be having a meeting!

6 Stitches Creations

7 EED Home&Garden
The other day ,I met a bear ,Out in the woods Oh way out there

8 @AdReNaLiZeD@
There's 10 in a row, used to get to and fro.


1 .:bramble:.
Planted near the nails.

2 Ardent. Animations
Bad Puppy!

3 <TrAsheD>  (adult sim)
This angel has berry nice wings

4 Epicine
Look up!

5 Soju

6 Ti a Fi am byth
Have a glass of bubbly on us.


1 StoraxTree
Look near hunt poster

2 Global Nomads 
Donations always welcomed

3 Queen B Poses
Like a True Queen sitting on her Throne

4 Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Take a drink in the Group's gifts Stand!

5 Grumble
Wait! It's not halloween is it?

6 = MB = Content Creators  (adult sim)
I can have many tongues and all are hot but if you don't feed me I will be cold a lot!

7 Hogs And Cart Wheels
Do Dinosaurs eat Strawberries?

8 [QE] Designs  - skip not ready
Are you feeling lucky?

9 Uni Boutique  (adult sim)
That damn bunny ran off with the strawberry

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