Hunt Hints


1 [QE] Designs         (adult sim)
Stay away from the GACHAS.. there is absolutely zero chance that you're going to find any hunt items in that general area :P

There is a chance that a little owl is the one who took your postcard

We're going on a bearhunt ... 

Sometimes i am hidden in hard back publications of the old-en days :P

Koalas really eat this stuff?

6 Surge - Skip not ready
Over the river and through the woods. Behind the door you'll find the goods

BUBBLE BUBBLE toil and trouble....

8 Evolve Art Gallery 

Look near hunt poster

Stop to warm your hands at the hearth, there you will find your prize nearby
Let's Dance!

12 = MB = Content Creators         (adult sim)
If you look really closely, you will find me where architects work!

Wish upon a star

Looking for a rather small monkey!

Please use Hint Giver at hunt sign

16 X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS         (adult sim)
Raise the roof for all the "little nerds" who put their brains together and invented social media - yay for free stuff!

The HUNT HINT will provide truth on where you can raise the roof.

 It's good to see you!

19 Third Moon Creations  - Skip not ready  (adult sim)
No hint given

 Some times i scroll & some times I squeak...some times i click & some times i sweep..but i never run far from my home or i am useless.

Gift key:  Male = ★ ★ ★  Female = ★ ★ ★ Unisex = ★ ★ ★ Male & Female Gift = ★ ★ ★

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